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MISC UNITED is dedicated to safety for both personnel and work environment. Safety commitment is maintained through number of measures being adopted by the company safety education/orientation, counseling, and proper motivation are the guiding policy in the enforcement and implementation of the company’s safety and loss preventive program in order that none of its procedures, practices or method of work will expose any employee to unnecessary hazards. In keeping with this policy, all members of management and supervision of what ever grade, are always reminded that safety must take equal importance with cost and construction and that they have a moral and legal responsibility for the safety and health of all employees under their control as laid down in safety manuals, Saudi Arabian Law and other applicable


  • MISC UNITED shall ensure that all personnel will adhere to Safety Rules and Loss Prevention Procedures as outlined in MISC UNITED Handbook and Safety Guidelines, which was issued to Safety Officers and Site Supervisors by Safety Dept.
  • MISC UNITED shall be responsible for the safety of his personnel on the Jobsite and shall ensure proper safety equipment is worn.
  • MISC UNITED shall be responsible for obtaining at his own expense, all clearance Documents, including but without limitations: Personnel I.D. Cards, vehicle Clearance documents, gate passes, work permits etc.
  • It shall be MISC UNITED responsibility to visit the jobsite and verify all Information regarding site conditions, accessibility, adjoining structures and dimensional accuracy of all drawings prior to submitting bids or starting a job
  • MISC UNITED shall indicate and identify the person who will be on site at all time in a supervisor capacity and is authorized to receive a Contractor Work Permit.
  • MISC UNITED shall be responsible for keeping the work area in a clean Condition.All trash, rags, paper and other discarded materials are to be picked up and placed in designated containers for removal.
  • All solid and liquid waste should be disposed in the appropriate disposal Locations designated by the Main Contractor.
  • MISC UNITED must report to the respective Area Managers and Engineer at Maintenance Bldg., to provide manpower list daily of personnel working at Project site. This list to be submitted must accurately reflects the names and badge numbers of personnel working in project site on specific day.
  • Hot food will not be allowed into project site due to difficulties in Inspecting contents. The food container and contents must be inspected.
  • MISC UNITED personnel are not allowed to leave their jobsite without reason and wander around in the project area, not sleep within the project site area.
  • The MISC UNITED supervisor will be issued yellow cards for each Employee along with the permit daily. The yellow cards will indicate the jobsite/area of work within project Location.

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