Planning & Scheduling

MISC UNITED uses the latest PRIMAVERA project management software P6 for planning and scheduling in all their projects. After getting the Notice to Proceed (NTP) from the client, our Planner/Scheduler will prepare the CPM method of schedule. The CPM schedule will show all activities and sequence of operations needed for the orderly performance and completion of every separable part of the Work.


  • Milestone schedule;
  • Project target schedule;
  • Project current schedule;
  • Project look ahead schedule;
  • Manpower loading;
  • Progress Reports.


MISC UNITED’s project reporting  procedure

Monthly Report

Two sets of monthly progress reports will be submitted every month contain mainly the following:

  • Bar chart with critical path for each separable part of work planned and actually execution
  • Progress report on the activities for the planned and actual percentage completion, completed weighted percentage, remaining percent to be completed
  • Detailed ‘S’ curve showing actual percentage completion with the planned progress
  • Detailed one-month look-ahead schedule with planned percentage

Monthly resource utilization report;

Schedule of procurement and material delivery to site;

A weekly and monthly abstract report will contain to date actual progress, to date scheduled progress, to date cumulative actual progress, to date cumulative scheduled progress, to date cumulative used man-hours, to date cumulative scheduled man-hours, etc.

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