Quality Assurance

Quality Objectives

Misc Unite for Trading and Contracting L.t.d  established and implements an effective and documented project quality system to ensure adequacy in quality level, meeting or exceeding Client requirements.

Misc Unite for Trading and Contracting L.t.d ’s QA/QC engineer develops a quality assurance program, in accordance with the client requirements and MISC UNITED’s quality control system. The quality plan will be submitted to Client for approval and the Project management Team will be responsible to perform the quality assurance, control and inspection services in accordance with the approved Quality system and program. The Quality Plan will be submitted to Client within 45 days from the effective date of contract.

The QA Manual will comply with the following minimum criteria:

The various activities affecting the quality will be carried out within a system where organizational structures, functional responsibilities, levels of authority, as well as interface positions and lines of communication are clearly defined; The above activities will be carried out in accordance with the procedures, to ensure an integrated approach to the quality level and provide proper quality control;

  • The document control procedures and method of implementation;
  • Procurement quality procedures;
  • Auditing of the QA/QC program, performances monitoring in relation to established quality objectives and promote corrective actions.

The basic functions of the QA/QC staff will be:

  • Quality review of procurement, fabrication and construction works;
  • Review and interpretation of the specifications and the contract;
  • Quality review of inspection, tests, pre-commissioning and commissioning;
  • Quality meeting with Client PMT and third party inspection agent for the review of work at site during construction, commissioning and acceptance.
  • The documented Quality System will include quality management objectives, policies, organization and procedures complying with the requirements of Client PMT

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