Waste Management and Hygiene

Waste Management Program:

As Misc United responsibility on serving local community in the field of keeping the surrounding environment clean, hygiene and  appropriate for good living, the following field of waste management was targeted by the company.

Type of Waste Handling

  • Community Waste
  • Construction Waste
  • Petrochemical Waste
  • Medical Wastes
  • Paper and Old Tire Recycling
  • Water Treatment

Supply different type of waste containers

  • cont
  • dfd
  • ewr
  • ere
  • dgr

Hauling and dumping sold waste

  • containers
  • compactor
  • loading and dumping

Waste Recycling

Carton and paper recycling program

- collecting used cartons and paper

- cutting and shredding

- baling and shipping

Old tires recycling program

 - collecting used tires

- cutting to grains particles 


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